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Photography is my passion.

There is nothing in this world that I would rather be doing than photography.

Photography is my way of expressing myself. It’s also my way of making a difference in this world – by opening other people’s eyes to things that would otherwise go unnoticed. To help them see what I see in the things around me and in every single person that I meet - the positive side of life.

I have tried various styles and types of photography thus far, but decided that I prefer focusing on the positive things in life - things that gives me a sense of fulfillment - from families, kids, women and special occasions, to architecture, sport, art and corporate photography. Too many people look past the beauty in our everyday lives to keep up with the rush, the stresses and the negatives. For me there's nothing better than to make people stop, look at an image and say, "Wow this is an awesome picture" - especially when it's a picture of themselves!

This is why I have decided to start my own studio - l'Atelier Photography Studios & Gallery - to have a creative space where people are encouraged to let their hair down and play, to be creative and enthusiastic about it and to be able to see in themselves the things I see.

Together with my biggest supporter, my husband, we have created our studio of dreams. We have been blessed with many wonderful people encouraging and supporting us along the way. Without them we would not have been going from strength to strength as we are! We have realised the importance of such a support structure and we try to give back in the way we are receiving.

We strive to empower people through photography - whether it is encouraging someone to pick up his little camera and take more pictures, giving a woman the courage to look at herself in the mirror or giving a student the opportunity and confidence to use the studio equipment and start his own portfolio. We have already been fortunate enough to be able to give two aspiring photographers the chance to join our team. Seeing their portfolios and confidence grow, just makes the effort worthwhile!

I have many big dreams for this little studio, but we are taking it day by day. Every morning when I open the doors I have a new day and a blank canvas in front of me...and the opportunity to portray on it what I want people to see...

…and at the same time I want to have fun…because life is far too short to do something you don't enjoy!


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